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Omokoroa Community Skate Group

Project - Omokoroa Skate Path

The Omokoroa Skate Path project was a community run project to put concrete into ground in Omokoroa.

This project required work ranging from meetings with the local community, schools and council, creating an action plan, creating a skate path plan (alongside Richard Smith from Rich Landscapes) and a communication and identity strategy to accompany the project.

A hugely rewarding project, our work contributed to a major part of the Omokoroa Skate Path's success. Funding, construction and community buy-in all hinged on our communication and identity work - as well as the work put in by the multitude of volunteers who worked alongside the WBOPDC to get the project finished.

Though this award-winning project is now completed, Shotbro Design continues to be involved in further development of the Omokoroa Sports Domain - contributing to the current Playground and future pavilion projects.


CATEGORY | design & web, print, communication strategy, signage design.
CLIENTS | Omokoroa Community Skate Group
DATE | June 28, 2016


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