The importance of style in brand design.

Developing a brand design style is often way down on the list for small businesses – it might develop naturally, but more often than not, business owners don’t know where to start, or fail to see the importance why they should even bother.

I was struck when recently looking over some Franchising information – generally, such documentation is well styled, well presented, and closely follows the brand “theme”. If you were looking at starting a small business, and considering the franchising path; it’d be impossible not to be impressed with most franchise’s approach to setting their brand design style.

I’ve always been interested in brand themes and styles, even before I realised what they even were. As a kid in the 80’s Skate and BMX culture was a big deal to me, and the styling of brands such as Haro, GT, Santa Cruz, Vision and Powell Peralta carried strong themes and styles that the brands were instantly recognisable before the brand name was even mentioned.

Creating effective online content for businesses should follow similar principles; and in honestly, it’s not that hard to do!

Take a look at this post by GoDaddy about online branding, you might find you’ve been doing some of it already!

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