Reasons for keeping your website updated?

What are the reasons for keeping your website updated?

Keeping your online presence current can be hard when you run a business. What are the reasons for keeping your website updated?

Inventory, production, marketing, staff, property; these are all pressing issues for small and medium businesses. When you don’t have full departments of people to look after such areas for you – it’s left to the Manager, CEO or Owner to take care of the core running of the business.

It’s not hard to see why small business websites get overlooked or put get low priority.

If you need some reasons why you should bother – this article from Social Driver might turn your head.

Time is short though right?  Here’s a super quick summary for you:

  • Relevant – is your site a reflection of your business?  Are you happy with what your customers see?
  • Secure – sites that are updated regularly are normally more secure.  Do you have someone updating your site to protected it against malware/spam?
  • Visibility – can people find your business online?  Sites that are more current are better ranked by search engines.
  • Mobile users – what does your site look like when a mobile user view it?  Is your site responsive to different devices?  Are you visible to your mobile customers?

Did the answers to those questions give you a bit of a scare – but still can’t figure out how you’ll find the time to fix it?  Let us help you do something about it.

Shotbro Design can help you redesign your web presence, get you found, and keep your site secure.   Best of all, we promise not to go missing on you when you need us – we keep our clients happy by making them happy.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion today.

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